Belladonna: Women in White

Clea Galhano, recorders

Margaret Humphrey, violin

Rebecca Humphrey, cello & gamba

Barbara Weiss, harpsichord


Friends: Men in Black

Matthias Maute, recorders

Brint Wissick, cello & gamba

Peter Lekx, violin

Leon Schelhase, organ & harpsichord

Richard Stone, lute & theorbo

Belladonna quartet is excited to be reuniting with 5 colleagues to collaborate in a program that includes larger-scale Baroque works.  Ranging from agitated musical battles of soul-searing expressions of the pains of love, to jocular one-ups-man-ship and lyrical soliloquies of despair, the focus of the program will be instrumental renditions of madrigals from Claudio Monteverdi’s Madrigali dei guerrieri et amorosi. The poetry of the multi-movement work uses the allegory of love as combat, both between the sexes and within a single heart.

Midway in size between Baroque trio and Baroque orchestra, the ensemble will provide a rare opportunity to hear large-scale chamber works. The program will also include works by Rosenmuller, Rameau, Biber and Bertali.